Asgard Sampler 2 released

The eagerly awaited Asgard Sampler 2, the successor to the pioneering Asgard Sampler 1 by Danheim, is now available.
This next-generation hybrid sampler engine, dubbed the “Terminator Engine,” has been developed entirely from scratch, offering a fresh and advanced approach to sound sampling.

Asgard Sampler 2 stands out with its sophisticated architecture, comprising a 4-layer hybrid engine that integrates 3 sample layers with a waveform synthesizer featuring dual oscillators.
This design not only enhances the engine’s versatility but also opens up a myriad of sonic possibilities.

Key features of the Asgard Sampler 2 include:

  • A versatile 4-layer hybrid engine, which includes 3 samplers and 1 waveform synthesizer equipped with two oscillators, allowing for intricate sound design.
  • The ability to craft unique presets by blending various samples and oscillators provided within Asgard 2, enabling users to tailor sounds to their specific needs.
  • An extensive preset library with the option to create and save custom presets, facilitating a seamless workflow.
  • A comprehensive FX rack featuring an array of effects such as Phase FX, Reverb, Delay, Filters, Saturation, and Parametric EQ, offering ample creative potential.
  • An LFO master chain that permits almost every parameter to be modulated by LFOs, adding dynamic movement to the sounds.
  • A ‘Random’ button that assigns random samples to each sampler, injecting spontaneity and uniqueness into the sound creation process.
  • Adjustable stereo width controls for achieving the desired spatial effect in the mix.
  • A vast collection of over 2500 unique samples, catering to the Nordic folk genre, film scoring and everything in between.
  • Keyboard coloring functionality, which visually indicates the keys that are mapped to samples, enhancing playability and navigation.

Asgard Sampler 2 is designed to push the boundaries of digital sound manipulation, offering musicians, producers, and sound designers an unparalleled toolkit for crafting distinctive and immersive auditory experiences.

You can buy Asgard Sampler 2 here